Hi Yusuke, can you please introduce yourself with a few words to our French audience ?

My name is Yusuke Hanai, I am a Japanese Artist.

RideKulture discovered your work, following some great surfers/ mates, how does surf culture inspire your drawings ?

I started surfing when I was a High school student. At the same time, I found Rick griffn's art work on Grateful dead album cover. I was really into the art work, and I dig his work and the I found his cartoon called "MURPHY" on an old surfer magazine. Then I started drawing like him first. I also started riding a retro single fin and fish tail twin fins.

Did you start drawing or surfing first ?

I have loved doodling whole my life. So drawing first.

Do you work mainly in Japan, US ?

I'm living in Japan but I visit US pretty often. Last year I went there 6 or 7 times.

You were in Hawaii recently, how was it ?

I went there last December for a show. Hawaii is always nice : nice weather, warm water, good food and great waves but I like California more than Hawaii. I like cities too, I want to see culture also. I do not only paint surfers or waves. I always try to paint human emotion so I want to see more culture.

Do you travel a lot ?


What is your best spot surfing ?

My local secret reef point break.

Do you practice shortboard, longboard ?

I ride short board but recently I started longboardging too.

Do you often surf freezing Japanese waters ?

Sure. I wear dry suit, gloves, boots, and a head cap... but still freezing! Haha !

Have you ever surfed in France ?

No, I have just visited Paris twice. I want to surf in Biarritz!

Do you also skate ?

A little bit. I am a bit scared!

Is Japanese surfing community big ?

It's getting bigger, but it's not as big as US.

Is there something you want to say to French people ? To your friends ?

I've been dreaming to visit Biarritz!

Thanks a lot Yusuke !

Wanna see Yusuke ?

Keep riding !